Rope Exporter India was established with an aim to manufacture and export top quality plastic ropes. With focus on quality, consistency, and timeliness.


Being engaged in variety of plastic rope like products, we also produce PP danline ropes, Niwar, Strapping rolls, and baler twine in diverse colours.


Team at Rope Exporter India

We are a team of enthusiastic professionals engaged in production and distribution of plastic ropes of different size and strength. With dedicated and coordinated production, quality control, sales, and shipment departments in our firm, we have achieved great success as a leading rope exporter from India. With vast experience in the rope industry, we are able to understand right rope requirement for every application.



Our mission is to supply high quality ropes, twines, and niwar for every different industrial and commercial application in India and world. With quality at the heart, we are continuously adding versatility to our products as per customers‛ requirements.



Rope Exporter visualizes becoming a globally recognized supplier of premium quality synthetic ropes and other PP products used for applications similar to rope. Through our journey we also work towards creating a harmonious workplace.


Our Values

We believe businesses do not survive without values. Our team works with strong business ethics effortlessly embedded in every activity and order we execute.


  • Optimum quality
  • Transparent pricing
  • Customer support
  • Punctuality
  • Right product for any application

We are supplying in India and overseas countries and further expanding our global reach.  A foremost name in the domain of synthetic twines, ropes, straps, and niwar; Rope Exporter India is proud to have hundreds of satisfied clients in various locations like Australia, Canada, and European countries. We are one of the best PP rope manufacturer, Supplier and exporter in India.


The products leave our facility under surveillance of dedicated and qualified professionals. Our PP ropes are not without remarkable features like excellent finish, weather-resistant quality, high strength, and graspable surface.

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